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Europop 2008: Group C – France 2 Holland 2

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Group C gets back underway with France playing Holland – both sides need a win, Holland in particular after their first-round defeat. Listen to the tracks, vote, and look below the cut for managerial comment, analysis, match reports and previews.

How To Vote: Just tick the track you like best! This poll closes on the 5th May, at lunchtime or thereabouts.

France vs Holland: Which of these tracks do you prefer?

  • France: Yelle 52%
  • Holland: Anouk 48%

Total Voters: 21

Poll closes: 6 May 2008 @ 14:00

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FRANCE: Yelle – “Je Veux Te Voir”

The manager says: “After being harshly talked about last round in the press, L’Equipe was very much given my best mardy glance in particular, the manager has gone for youth, style, elan and panache. Out with the old, in with the new. And be warned kids, if France go out in this round, Song 3 is It’s Tough Being a Baby by Jordy. Vive La France!”

Our analyst says: A much more disciplined performance from France this time around – a strong back four launching balls forward to an efficient, though perhaps not breathtaking frontline. There’s a sense the team are playing it a little safe – they could be vulnerable to Dutch creativity.

HOLLAND: Anouk – “If I Go”

The manager says: “When all else fails, send in a sexy woman.  Anouk is the most popular singer in the Netherlands.  She’s been called the “Dutch Amy,” but she’s been around longer than AW, and she could eat AW for breakfast. Dat zegt genoeg.”

Our analyst says: Needing a win, Holland are placing a lot of weight on the shoulders of their star striker. She’s got the technique but does she have the application to get the ball in the net?

MATCH REPORT: Croatia 2 Germany 2 – An entertaining and even game saw Germany lead twice but ultimately have to settle for another draw. The Germans dominated in midfield but their strikers missed several golden chances, and the Croats gradually imposed themselves on the game, replying quickly to both German goals and piling forward at the end in a fruitless search for a winner. Both teams have kept their campaign alive going into the final group game, but they will each be wanting a win next time.

Coming next…: Italy know that a second consecutive win will secure their place in the quarter-finals with a game to spare. Standing in their way are Romania, who put in a strong performance against France in the opening game. Two highly-regarded young managers pit their wits against one another in this intriguing Group C clash.


  1. 1
    SteveM on 28 Apr 2008 #

    Good selections by both – this is VERY tight. The spritely French winger can dazzle although I’m a little concerned by her petulance. Her Dutch counterpart sounds older and wiser but perhaps a little more conventional at the same time. Both stake their claim to victory well but I’m going to have to go for a draw, maybe vote ‘tactically’.

  2. 2
    lockedintheattic on 28 Apr 2008 #

    Does FIPA have any voting guidelines on the ‘know the song’ issue? I know one of these records very well, does that mean I can’t vote for it?

  3. 3
    Tom on 28 Apr 2008 #

    No, it doesn’t mean you can’t vote for it. I think people will have their own personal calculus as to when familiarity and quality and suchlike balance or cancel each other out.

    There was a potential disciplinary issue with the Yelle song which actually turned up on the League Of Pop last year but i) in the LOP songs are submitted for the judgement of one person, not all, ii) the France manager didn’t play in the League Of Pop so there’s no reason she’d have known, iii) she’s in Miami so couldnt get me an alternative track once I’d realised! So France are cleared.

  4. 4
    koganbot on 28 Apr 2008 #

    The coach is in Miami! That’s appropriate, ’cause what I like most about the Yelle are the freestyle popcorn beats she throws in for fun in the middle, then the bass slams, and the build to the finish. For a second I’m on a Miami or NY dancefloor in 1987. (Of course, in 1987 I wasn’t in Miami or NY, so it’s all a utopia in my mind.) The weakness would be the song itself, and Yelle herself, since neither she nor it finds a path to joy or abandon, though both are solidly likable. I’m liking this as a track more than a song.

    As for the Dutch, hmmm, borrowing tactics from the Swiss, are we? Take metal riffs, a strong-voiced hussy, eyeliner, melody. I’d say the Scandis and the Angelenos do it better, but I’m liking this; it builds and then holds all through. And I think I kind of owe the Dutch after I’d penalized the squad a goal and a half last time for their Golden Earring gambit. So, my vote goes to Anouk, though I enjoyed both sides of the competition.

    As for the French manager’s threats, I consider “Dur dur d’être bébé” a gift from the Gods, so I wouldn’t mind it as a gift from the Internets either, though I think I may have a cassette of it kicking around my apartment somewhere.

  5. 5
    Lex on 28 Apr 2008 #

    haha having barely heard of any act so far, suddenly a contest in which I know both acts!

    AND I STILL HATE YELLE A LOT. god she’s annoying. this is some sort of nadir for “deliberately shitty hipster rapping”, yeah? god I don’t know why people do shit like this, you really feel the need to ~cleanse~ yourself afterwards with some jay-z or lil’ kim or someone with more than one cadence to their flow AARGH MY EARS. srsly even uffie is a less annoying rapper!

    haha anouk is all massive hair and wind machines turned up to the max. not the sort of thing I’d listen to in my own time but superb for drunken karaoke and so on. don’t like it enough to d/l but it’s not just a default vote.

  6. 6
    Kat but logged out innit on 28 Apr 2008 #

    I remember Yelle from the LoP! Netherlands = much sillier, tick vg just for the ‘I’m about to close up shop, you need a servant go find someone else’ line.

  7. 7
    Matt DC on 28 Apr 2008 #

    Frustrating and ultimately poor tie this – the Dutch aim for shexy football and almost get there, but they can’t quite hide their inherent frumpiness and reluctance to get forward. Despite a decent riff and solid bedrock, the incisive final ball isn’t quite there and the singer makes poor use of what might possibly be a good voice.

    Meanwhile what this most unpredictable of French teams is up to is anyone’s guess. I spent half the tie wandering if they were going to backheel into their own net. They’ve eschewed the pretty passing game of their first match and tried to win ugly, but I’ve heard Yelle do better than this and there just isn’t much of a tune. However, when they throw everyone forward in the final minute its gets better, and the resulting scramble sees the winner go in off a wobbly synth player’s derriere. But they all count.

  8. 8
    Pete on 29 Apr 2008 #

    I think the rule is if you’re going to rap in foreign, try and make it sound like your swearing in English to make it work. The backings OK for the French, but man alive the vocals make it stillborn.

    Yes Anouk is a bit Bonnie Tyler (a good thing) and perhaps a stronger song would suit this cavernous voice – but it (with the wxception of the poor Uh-oh-uh-oh-uh) is less annoying than the French. Anouk over Nelle’s backing, now that might be interesting. Close, but Dutch.

  9. 9
    Tom on 5 May 2008 #

    One more day left to vote in this (extension cos of bank holiday).

  10. 10
    Doctor Mod on 7 May 2008 #

    Dank je Anouk!!

  11. 11
    Alan on 5 Jun 2008 #

    over 1000 download/plays! and only 21 votes before the poll closed :-/

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