So the internets have had a chance to watch the first episode of Season 4 of Doctor Who. And they all seem to be saying the following:
a) Catherine Tate wasn’t all that bad*
b) The episode was typical RTD sonic screwdriver fannydangle
c) ROSE!!!
d) BBC marketing genius soft toy for Christmas Adipose fat monsters.

Little has been made of the actual plot being really rather benevolent, in that the diet scheme would have lost a lot of people lots of weight with not apparent side effects at all until the Doctor and Donna (henceforth known as D&D) mucked it all up. Still back to the cute waving Adipose. You can’t buy them in stores, but you can get them for a fiver on Ebay. Or at least a knitted version that looks something like it. Here’s another one found on Flickr, which is considerably cheaper if you know Chemistry:

Which of course begs the question, are there any other Doctor Who baddies who have been given the knitted treatment. And of course there are.

EXTERMINKNIT even has the pattern for your own knitted daleks.

*Except for the Catherine Tate haters, who appear to have been dubbed Taters/Taterz which could be funny if Taters was mnot already yokel slang for potatoes. But then that becomes funny again because said people are probably COUCH potatoes, except they are watching Doctor Who so they will not be on their couch but BEHIND IT. DYS.