Follow up to last nights Lollards. It is difficult to describe the horror of something visual on the radio. My dislike for the Randy Newman penned, Sarah MacLachlin sung “When Somebody Loved Me” from Toy Story 2 is less about the song itself, but rather its role in the film. So here is an in context clip for you:

In particular look at the deathlike glassy mask on Jessie’s face when Emily is playing with her on the horse.CREEPY! Now clearly I have more ontological issues with this than the average eight year-old kid, but nevertheless even taken as it is within the film the subtext of this song is appalling. Within the film, which is a rollicking adventure about toys, there is this heartbreaking song about what happens when you no longer play with your toys. It interrupts the flow of an otherwise great movie, and injects an air of horror into the proceedings. Woe betide the parent who decided on a bit of decluttering before the trip to see the film.

What I grappled and failed to talk properly last night about is despite this bizarre and wrong-headed morals, the Toy Story films are great. And indeed stories where the heroes are the naughty kids, or bad, set a trend for what we will later enjoy as fiction. Oddly though the Toy Story transgression is thematic rather than within the characters. Much is true of all Pixar films (the moral of Monsters Inc is that scary monsters EXIST, but they are scared of us!) So I would agree that this could well be the saddest song ever written, and therefore is hugely out of place in this film.

My other contention is this film works best for the parents of young children, going from the transition from the childs unconditional love of them, to the more complex relationships that spring up. I wonder, of the kids weaned on Toy Story over the last ten years, if there are parents out there who now wheel it out for their own memories of watching these films with the kids. (Don’t start me on Shrek).

And for more battles of sadness, here is the Poruguese version of the song in a fado style.

And an Arabic one (which I think is the best)