Thanks for the interest in Europop 2008 – here’s the list of participants and countries so far.

EUROPOP 2008 MANAGERIAL LIST (an asterix indicates I don’t have your email – please email me at and say hi!)

  • AUSTRIA – Steve M
  • CROATIA – Steve H/Tim
  • FRANCE – Alyson G
  • GERMANY – The Lex
  • GREECE – Tom
  • HOLLAND – Dr Mod*
  • ITALY – Matt DC
  • PORTUGAL – Greg
  • ROMANIA – Lockedintheattic
  • RUSSIA – Jessica P
  • SPAIN – Ben*
  • SWEDEN – Jel
  • TURKEY – Kat

And here’s the updated fixture list – I will need the MP3 before this date! Knockout stage games will have a shorter running length than the group stage ones.

  • 2nd June: Switzerland v Germany (QF1)
  • 5th June: Poland v Portugal (QF2)
  • 9th June: Winner Group C v Runner-Up Group D (QF3)
  • 12th June: Winner Group D v Runner-Up Group C (QF4)
  • 16th June: Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 2
  • 19th June: Winner QF 3 v Winner QF 4
  • 26th June: Final!

and then on into the knockout stages.

RULES: All tracks to be in MP3 format. Only one track per artist permitted during the competition. Any bitrate allowed but maximum file size is 20 Mb. Voting by a simple secret ballot preference poll. Commentaries and mind games encouraged.

SCORING – GROUP STAGE: 3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a draw, 0 pts for a loss. Win defined as a winning percentage of 60% or more in the vote. Majority votes of under 60% to count in case of ties at end of group stage.

SCORING – KNOCKOUT STAGE: Simple majority in vote gets you through. In the event of a tie we’ll think of something.

There! Now who wants to be Sweden?