It will be no surprise to our readers that despite much food science and interest in cooking, the FreakyTrigger Cookbook is still a few years away. But it behooves me to remind contributors and anyone using a recipe on this site of the following:

No matter how slapdash your general cooking method, or indeed how drunk you are while cooking, someone out there may follow your culinary Amundsen footprints. Thus if you use terms such “a handful”, we need to know if you have big hands. Ingredients may be particularly British, so think about how you would talk about – for example – cream where single and double is a UK only affectation. A good example of the problems in translation just across the Atlantic can be gained from this brave chef in the US, taking on Sarah’s admittedly avant garde spicy chocolate cupcakes.

Welcome brave traveller to our world of food. We are not professional chefs. Some of us are even afraid of making stock. Others believe that a bit of heat kills everything and have tried a project of a month long rolling stew in a big pot. Though we tend to style ourselves otherwise, we are sensualists rather than scientists. Therefore I advise you to take all recipes as mere guides, and use your own discretion when following them – to the extent of not following them if they seem wrong to you.

If this hasn’t put you off, here are a few great archived foody things: and coming soon I daresay Sarah’s recipe for Dirty Dirty Japanese Curry…
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