There is something fascinating about the differences in the generic. If the point of global fast food brands is a comforting familiarity, it is the surprising differences which can sometimes make them even more interesting*. The nature of franchising may mean standardised menus, but it can also allow wiggle room for quirks of decor, and style. However it is the deviation from the standard menus which often intrigue me. Now I am not going to get all Royale With Cheese on your arse (ass?) but every now and then the new products which may never turn up in the UK give pause for though. And even over here I am sure there are burgers which rock up in MacDonald’s which might intrigue someone from the heartland.

And so to the Famous Bowl. This is the first I have heard of this product – a typically sniffy but one assumes probably correct AV Club review**. For the Famous Bowl is – well let the copywiters at KFC have their moment in the sun:

“We start with a generous serving of our creamy mashed potatoes, layered with sweet corn and loaded with bite-sized pieces of crispy chicken. Then we drizzle it all with our signature home-style gravy and top it off with a shredded three-cheese blend. It’s all your favorite flavors coming together.”

. This picture is how it is supposed to look. Click through to how it actually looks.

(Image nicked from Les Jones, who has also discussed the Famous Bowl along with 95% of the web ).

Its basically KFC scrapings on mashed potato (the lack of mash as an option in the UK KFC is still a travesty). You can also get it with rice, and for the ultimate in indulgence the chicken and biscuit bowl. All of course to be eaten with a spork. Now granted, I don’t reckon they necessarily get baked beans in the States but…hey why not watch an advert for a Famous Bowl, which mocks both your taste buds AND THE DEAF at the same time!

Anyway, more reviews of this item. First a view of the nutritional aspects, which is handy considering the KFC nutrition calculator is not calculating at the moment. And someone else who suggests its like throwing up in reverse…
And perhaps a more balanced review…

By the way, for people doing I-Spy US States in Indie Chicken shop names, I-Spyed New Jersey Chicken in Willesden last night.

*And actually I am not completely sure this is the point of global fast food brands. I am pretty sure the point is to make lots of money.

**The review is by Patton Oswalt, the voice of the culinary genius rat Remy in Ratatouille by the way – and perhaps he got the gig by virtue of turning out some obvious but none-the-less amusing stand-up about said Famous Bowl. Which you can see here.