Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages now is restore some of the “lost” content of FT – essays, old blogs and writing experiments like Blue Lines and A Loafer’s Discourse – to the main site. This post indexes some of my initial attempts at this, apologies for the indulgent tone:

Is This One Of Yours Then? aka the E Brothers Guide To Jukebox Etiquette. An old favourite, and tribute to a vanished world.

Only My Dreams Satisfy: we discover Baile Funk waaaaay before it was trendy. And then use it as a way of writing about Orange Juice.

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: review of Ja Rule – the high-handedness is a bit sub-Petridis really.

Say Something Else: ostensibly a review of Le Tigre’s surely-forgotten “Get Off The Internet”, really a post-Bush election, post-dotcom crash hand-wring.

The Leisure Hive: not about the Dr Who episode! “Misanthropy on patrol” ws the original subtitle – very early (1999) lashings out which would back up suggestions that ‘popism’ is a mutated purism.

Not Hip To Be Square: essay on the American Psycho film from 2000 – a post-pub Lollards discussion suddenly sparked my memory of writing this! It’s pretty good actually (i.e. I still agree with it and there’s nothing too gruesome in the prose)

Not A Pope Factory Review: this on the other hand is self-indulgent tripe.

Under My Skin: Dean Martin, All Seeing I, crooners, Roxy Music. Very early FT piece. Not sure an ‘argument’ as such really emerges! Dimly remember being unfairly dissatisfied w/this at the time.

Proper London: review of/diversion around Saint Etienne’s Foxbase Alpha that might just be one of my favourite FT pieces.

Unfaithful: and another film review, of High Fidelity, which also has one of the clearest statements of something I seem to worry about all the time, viz. how bad is pop for you?

(post will expand as more is added)