cluedo12.JPGIts true you know, Fearne Cotton is afraid of sponges.

But that is nothing compared to the complexity of the Cluedo characters fictional history. Material gathered for last nights Lollards, but unused, uncovered the following salient facts: which may be useful in your future sleuthing in the house with no toilet:

The murder of Dr Black (Mr Boddy / Snr Caddaver) took place on Saturday June 5th, 1926.
Miss Scarlett studied at Madame Puce’s School For Girls (like a badly painted Chalet School one assumes)
Mrs White’s real name is Blanche Chaulkley.

This and more mental detail can be found here. Including the names and plots of some of the 50 mysteries in Cluedo Mysteries (a spin off game). My favourite being:

12: The Scarlett Letter
Miss Scarlett’s letter is stolen.