So a North Carolinan man decides to store his amputated leg in a barbeque smoker. This story should really be going somewhere else. But instead we have the trials and feud over the ownership of the leg when someone goes and sells the darn smoker.

The bloke had been keeping his leg so that he could be buried with it intact. But hold on, you can’t just keep an amputated leg lying around. Surely rot would set in. Which then brings up the original thought of the story. What was the leg doing in the smoker? Well OK, I can accept that it might have been one of the few places the the leg might have fit. But if you ask me, the leg was in there because it had been smoked. The deep freeze would be a good way of storing the leg, but smoking it would also retard the effects of decomposition.

(And also, as a side effect, gentle cook and embue the leg with lovely smells and perhaps taste).

It is a great story nevertheless, with the legs new owner charging kiddies a few sents and adults more to view the leg. But shame on you BBC for not realising that the real story is OM NOM NOM NOM, smoked longpig!