quin3.jpgWe love the Quin. Its one of those pubs you feel priviliged to know. Its that “lock-in pub”, where more times than not you have discovered that not only is it well past closing, but they are miraculously still serving. I have had no end of terrific nights both begin and end in there. A Christmas meal ended there a couple of years ago in a nice way, and my first visit I met some good friends of Tim’s. I have seen another friend drink his body weight in beer in there, and someone else almost be won over to the cause of the dog. (It is a pub with boisterous dogs).

It is, for publog historians, the pub where THIS was rediscovered, in this post.

All of which is in the present tense because to me that is what the Quin still is. But I got a text from a friend about a month ago saying that the Quin is now a shadow of its former self under its new management. I was sad but thought little of it. Until saw this flyer, being handed out to my students. Apparently according to another staff member here (who had a hithertoo unheard of fondness for the pub) it still does Landlord, and has added Black Sheep to its portfolio. But no dogs and no lock-ins. And a student night.

We will report back.