I am loathe to say too much about Transformers Movie, as I know some very good friends who want to see it untarnished of my smart-arsed wisecrackery. And lets be fair, the film is full of its own smart-arsed wisecrackery. Just let it be said that its best when considered as a teen-action-comedy, and less great at giant robots hitting each other. For shame Michael Bay. Indeed it seems that Bay is loathe to show his giant robot fight in anything but whip pan shaky cam for fear it might look a bit like men in robot suits fighting: like in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. To which I say, “Oi Bay* – that is still awesome on a big screen you ninny”.

But luckily the film has a pretty smart script (which happily accepts and tries not to overly explain the ludicrousness of the concept) and is full of performers you really want to root for (and Jon Voight). Shia LaBeouf in particular does witty, nerdy, vulnerable and heroic in various turns and is buffeted by realistically hilarious parents. Not to mention great one liners from Optimus Prime. However the most ludicrous sequence in the entire film is the very last scene. I cannot explain too much for fear of spoiling it to others. Suffice it to say that its bad enough that you know the car the kid is making out in is sentient. The pull back reveal to show that all the other vehicles (and an untransformed Optimus Prime) is watching too marks these Transformers out as nothing more than the Stan Collimore’s of robotdom. Sick I tell you.

*Someone shouting “Oi Bay” may have suggested the major product placement of a particular online auction site in the film