monopolyok so i went into islington this morning to begin changing banks, and was in the co-op where pentonville road meets islington high st — as i wz waiting to be seen i wz lookin round and there on the wall, complete with old-skool monopoly logo, was the boardgames equivalent of a blue plaque, claiming that HERE ON THIS SPOT stood the building which in 1957 inspired the inventor of monopoly to name one of the playing-squares in the london version “THE ANGEL, ISLINGTON”: it was “angel corner house teashop”, a lyons teahouse i believe, and is therefore the only space on the board named after — said the plaque (and wikipedia currently) — a BUILDING

ok so this is sort of true — except eg angel tube was thus named in 1901, bcz there on the corner since time immemorial (or anyway the 17th century) was a PUB called “the angel”… and “angel’ really IS the name of a DISTRICT as much as a teashop. You can’t build houses and hotels in a teashop! (Well you can but they would surely earn less rent even than those you built in the old kent road)