chillow_pic.gifNo: Don’t be stupid. Using a giant scouring pad with super cheap soap imbedded inside as a pillow would both be
a) uncomfortable, and
b) a rubbish way to clear your head.

However, what if you problem is not night-time head cleaning, but a hot head. And I don’t mean in the figurative sense. Then you need the Chillow Pillow, a pillow wot – er – chills your head down. It is a very strange thing indeed. Not refrigerated, not “cold”, the Chillow Pillow apparently will gradually draw heat away from your head. How it does this is unclear, except via the use of SoothSoft Comfort Technology (these words are trademarked and I use them at considerable risk). Here, read all about it. Note the 30-day cooling off period for online sales (ha ha). Scientists amongst us might second a guess to how this all works, cos it seems magical to me.

BUT, what is best about it is of course the name. The Chillow Pillow. So few products plump with rhyming in the name any more, so well done. And if they do bring out a Brillo Chillow Pillow (made of Willow) don’t be surprised.