“I have to stay in my house ALL DAY on Saturday waiting for the Glasto ticket after a series of mishaps etc. I knew this would happen. WHY CAN’T THEY USE ROYAL MAIL AND HAVE IT WAITING FOR ME AT THE POST OFFICE? Like everybody else does, and even they did in previous years, when it was easy for me collect a ticket and didn’t involve me wasting a day of my free time with no possibility whatsoever of me even being allowed to take the risk of it going astray in order to actually receive it because their mad policy is that they have to deliver it to me according to their bureaucracy even if the eventual outcome is that I can’t receive it at all I mean it WORKED when the Royal Mail sent it, I popped down on Saturday morning to pick it up on my way to do other things WHY WHY WHY do the Eavises insist on clever ideas that add up to complete nonsense, and even when they do make a tiny bit of sense, not a huge amount mind, but at least not eking out the pandemonium and heartache of trying to get tickets for days on end, they go and wreck it, I mean there I was at two hours before the midnight deadline taking pictures of myself for their registration service and then they go and open the doors to another fortnight’s worth of shysters and ne’er-be-on-times to turn pretty decent odds into a total farce like all the previous years in fact why is E Eavis in charge anyway, its nepotism you know, I bet they didn’t advertise that job in the local paper.”