I do not think that Popjustice is just about pushing pop music, changing their minds about Gwen Stefani singles and bitching about Scooch (all laudable things in themselves). Nevertheless, it appears that the good old ‘Justice have some honest to God, spot on, investigative journalism going on. A story about a minor pop single with a name shared with a styling gel.

The Panorama of Popjustice on Style, Attract and Play. It appears our chums have discovered a massive conspiracy to use pop music to sell hair gel*.

Good questions are asked as bins are rooted through, but is this really any different to Busted! releasing Thunderbirds Are Go!, a song which existed solely to sell a lousy movie. Actually, yes, it is different since the Thunderbirds movie caused the existence of Busted!’s** Thunderbirds Are Go!, which was in itself an artistic effort WORTH wasting lots of Working Title money to make a rubbish film. I doubt if the same can be said for the Shockwaves Styling Gel.

Good work Popjustice!

*Though using pop music to sell stuff has actually been going on since pop music existed. I have a copy of I Wanna Hold Your Hand whose dust jacket has an ad for a Clairol hairdryer on it. So Shocka feat Honeyshot could just be the new Beatles.

**Hmm, I am out of the habit here, what does one do with the exclamation mark when punctuating?