The drop in 24’s fun-levels is apparent to most fans of the show. And they’ve not been quiet about it on the internets. Writer/producer Howard Gordon interviewed in this LA Times article “Is ’24’ running out of time?” “It hurts to hear the criticism… but it’s reinvigorated our determination to reinvent the show. This year could be seen to be the last iteration of it in its current state.”

Can 24 be reinvented? Some exec lacking in imagination will shout “I know how about a darker, more adult re-imagining! That works for cheesy old sci fi and comic books, right!”. Everyone gives him strange looks. “A ‘reboot’?” he tries desperately trying to claw back credibility. More stares.

“Day Zero?” very quietly now. Well… that might work. A lot of makeup on Keifer and some CGI and you could have rookie Jack in the mid 80s fighting South Africans (natch, they were the baddies in the 80s). A pre-internet CTU unable to ‘open sockets’ might focus things on physical action and interaction more – Casino Royale style. Perhaps with the help, on secondment from the UK, of DCI Gene Hunt. Damnit.

My feeling, as a bouncing fan, is that 6 series is pretty good going. And with 144 episodes, the complete box set could be called “Gross Stupidity”.