Sex in plane toilets be damned lest CSI: New York’s next Blue Ice story be turned into a rape thriller. No, no, though it really does happen occasionally. This story is about CENSORSHIP. Airlines were wary to show Airport’77, Airport’78 (the Concorde one) or even Die Hard II: Die Harder on planes, due to the sensitive plane plots in said films. However corporate espionage is another thing. British Airways, the world most headline prone airline, has taken the scissors to Casino Royale. Do they object to Daniel Craig’s blonde hair? Is it Eva Green preposterous accent? Or is it bond getting nacked in the nuts? It is none of these. Instead they have decide to exorcise RICHARD BRANSON and his VIRGIN PLANES from the film.

Now I’ll be the first film buff to admit that Richard’s hippy old face has never improved a film. But will BA continue this by snipping out Uma Thurman from any film she appears in just because she advertises Virgin TV? Actually those ads do deserve some punishment. More to the point though, Dickie Branson has been wriggling his way in to no end of films recently: all ripe for the BA Censors chop. Is there anywhere I can apply for that job?