popworld.jpg” Popworld is a TV show. Popworld is a radio show. Popworld is a magazine. But who knew Popworld was also a theme bar? Actually, Popworld the bar in Liverpool (my only experience of its existence) used to be a Flares, and seems to have taken on the décor of said seventies theme bar. There is a Reflex around the corner (eighties theme bar) and ads in the Popworld’s windows suggest the two chains are still linked. “Pay once to get into Reflex and Popworld” the ad screams. I didn’t.

So I did not get to check to see if Alex, Alexa*, Miquita, Simon or the sad forgotten people who presented Popworld pre-S&M days were in there. I assumed they were not. I also assumed that this bar brand has little if anything to do with the TV show. The tell-tale sign to me was a completely different logo. And no robots or horses inside.

So does this meant the end of the seventies themed bar Flares? Possibly. Madonna’s Like A Virgin was pumping out when I walked past, which would have fit in round the corner at Reflex, but I assume that with a name like Popworld the music ranges through the years. The décor remains cheesy, so one assumes the music will also be called that too. But maybe not.

And at least it wasn’t called Poptimism.

(A bit of research shows this to be yet another Mitchell & Bulter brand and they are springing up all over the shop. The picture above is of the Pop World in Bigg Market in Newcastle, a review of said bar can be found here.)

*Who is starring in a potentially career damaging satirical comedy show with Ben Elton tonight at 10pm on ITV called Get A Grip: Itv describe it as follows:

New series. Comedy sketches and monologues showcasing the talents of Ben Elton, contrasting his middle-aged viewpoint with the younger perspective of co-star Alexa Chung, who punctuates his caustic comments with observations of her own

Hold up what happened to NewsKnight?