So the most e-mailed news story at the moment on the BBC News Website* is Reggae Reggae Sauce going on sale. Seen as a triumph for the BBC programme Dragon’s Den, one assumes this is not just a good confident businessman, but a nice sauce too. And you can’t have enough tamarindy/chilli sauces knocking around (I may have the recipe completely wrong here, but its a safe bet it is a hot sauce). Not only that but he is also flogging Proper Tings, The Reggae Reggae Sauce Song, which one hopes is reggae, but isn’t on his Myspace page.

Enough spicy sauce publicity though. What impresses me is the marketing link to music. Yes a hot/jerk sauce is the flavour of the Caribbean, and Reggae is the music of the Caribbean. But can we make other links for new projects we can pitch at the Dragons’ Den (not dragons, and in a room) to make us a mint? The associative link between fizzy drinks and pop music seems strong, yet no-one has thought of Pop Pop Fizzy Pop. How about Goth Goth Snakebite? We could even go to some of the more adult forms of music. The Folk Folk Fair-isle Jumper or even the Opera Opera Opera Glasses.

For a sure fire winner though, I suggest you put your money on the Emo Emo Kitchen Knife set.

*Yes, its kick the BBC News Website when its down week again!