Post Lollardry, the brief moment of inspiration re the anti-euphemism of Pigs In Blankets got some of our listeners texting in angrily. Namely that my pig in batter version was shot down in flames. So further scientific research happily proves that everyone is right. Namely that pigs in blankets in the UK is indeed a chipolata wrapped in bacon. But in the US, a battery dough is involved, hence ending up with the sausage roll ideal I mentioned. My source for this? Why Wikipedia of course.

And tune in next week to Wikipedia and the Lollards Of Pop (though Wikipedia does not confirm the other three signs of the Chinese zodiac discarded after the Rape Of Nanjing). And roll on April 24th: lets make the US National Pigs In Blanket day an international celebration.

Today is US National Chocolate Mint Day. Everybody grab an After Eight and celebrate.