Dreamwatch interview with PJ Hammond about his return to writing fantasy telly. Actually scratch ‘return’ – Midsomer Murders is total fantasy innit. OK, call it scifi then, bah. Hmm, Inspector Barnaby Fights the Aliengs… GET THE COMMISSIONING EDITOR ON THE PHONE RIGHT NOW!

Anyway, ITV’s reaction to Who was the rub Eleventh Hour and the new Primeval, (a little late), but I guess they were pursuing a lot of possibilities in so far as they seem to have resorted to talks about resurrecting my all-time favourite plod-fest Sapphire and Steel. But sez PJ:

“It was definitely going away from the direction I would have wanted it to be in”

action, plot development, sets, that sort of thing, presumably. ONLY JOKING of course. I think, if anything S&S – at least in (hem) spirit – has informed the (better) scripts of the new Who more than any other show.