The College Of North East London, in Tottenham, is a fine Further Education college. Serving a wide population as Haringey’s only college of Further Education, with a myriad of courses, it truly is TERTIARY education at its best (ed – FE expert). Our resident FE expert would possibly be able to elucidate further, unfortunately he is being inspected at the moment and therefore was unavailable to comment. And comment is what I require on the CONEL bus advert which I saw on the 91 this morning.

It is a simple, cartoony, pictogrammic advert which, as is the way in the modern education system, tries to flog FE by suggesting the kind of careers you could get if you successfully complete a course. It is very much carrot, rather than stick, but is a jolly little advert (oh to have a camera phone to have snapped it). To cast its net far and wide, it has a wide range of careers on display to suit all sorts of viewers. The careers it displays with little pictures are in the following order:

Office Worker
Estate Agent

Hmm. One of these jobs is an odd one out. One of these jobs, I suggest, CONEL does not actually run a course which would directly qualify you for it, or even be particularly useful. it may be why this is the only one of the cartoon bods who is not smiling and happy about his current career. Can you, dear reader, work out which of these jobs I am talking about?