It’s a quiet week for the marketing press as everyone is still doing the Skiving Britain thing. The “Irritating Ads 2006” survey deserves a separate post and may get it, but mostly what we’re looking at are predictions for 2007 and some weedy year-in-review efforts. Marketing Week, for instance, puts its reputation on the line predicting that 2007 will be a good year for Google. However here are three facts I did not know before reading this weeks’ issues.

1. As of 2006, Ribena and Lucozade are certified halal. GSK took the step of getting certification because of untrue rumours that they contained BOOZE.

2. Red Stripe is the official beer for the Cricket World Cup, but Guinness has official pouring rights. Even my marketing brain is baffled as to what these might entail.

3. Peter Crouch’s Dad is a top marketing agency director. Which may explain some of the robot dance mania.