kerry.jpgSurely these aren’t Iceland ads. How do they think having Katona cavorting whilst being impressed by the good deals at Iceland will sell their nosh to anyone? It makes no sense. Instead these are clearly adverts for Kerry herself, showing her in a range of tricky acting situations. Here she is as a troubled mum. Here she is being impressed by something called a King Prawn Ring (I can think of other ways of getting your finger to smell like that). Here she is, delivering the brand’s slogan without any sense of irony.

Here she isn’t, cos I can’t find an ad on YouTube, but I can find someone pretending to be Kerry, which is almost as bad.

The reasoning behind Kerry, I think, was that post I’m A Celebrity TWO YEARS AGO, the nation fell in love with this spurned woman. Instead we wondered how daft she was to marry Bryan McFadden in the first place, and were treated to exactly how daft she was in the jungle. Of course she can eat anything from Iceland, she ate Whichitty Grubs and Roo’s testes whilst Ant & Dec pushed her on. Sweet’n’Sour Samosas are a doddle. As a celebrity Iceland probably think she adds a degree of celebrity to their brand. But as a bit of a rough celebrity she holds them down. But then they know who they are marketing too. It is too much of a brand imitating their chosen sleb : which is why the Iceland brand will probably soon vanish to be replaces by Kerry Katona Freezer Store. No idea why Mum would go there.