As many of you probably know, my wife Isabel gave birth to a baby boy on Friday afternoon – mother and baby are still in hospital, until tomorrow we think: he is absolutely fine but she had a difficult labour so they’re keeping her in for now. I’m very proud of her and we’re both delighted.

Freaky Trigger is not generally a site known for baby news and, though I’m sure in due course I’ll be asking my offspring to contribute, it’s going to stay that way. But this is one exception: in a Freaky Trigger WORLD EXCLUSIVE* I’m going to reveal the name of the newborn. Ladies and gents please welcome Lytton Michael Ewing.

(Not named after the Bloomsbury group writer, or the Victorian inspiration for Bovril, or the minor 80s Dr Who character. We just saw the name in a baby book and liked it.)

*Unless you’re a close relative, or one of the hospital staff who’s been filling in forms for us today.