dateline angel: just spent half an hour wandering round wonderin WHAT STARTED ME on SF at all? some possibilities…
i. dr duck and the duckleks (sole ref on web = mex10000000) — i remember only the climax of one ep (bcz i wz bein babysat at someone else’s house and she was eager to get off and wd not let me watch till the END OF TITCH AND QUACKERS chiz)
ii. dr who obv
iii. fireball xl5 (always known in our fambly as FIVE-OH LEX-O)
iv. lovely lovely BLEEP AND BOOSTER — the only good thing off blue peter, a NON-animated cartoon of individually drawn panels plus narration…

ii. and iii. i watched sporadically but was really not a committed fan — i. was clearly not an originating passion as i spotted the reference/hommage, ie already knew what daleks were — so i choo-choo-choose bleep&booster, bcz i was IN LOVE WITH BLEEP. His dad was KING OF THE MOON I think. I can’t honestly remember a single scene, but I do remember feeling bad when B&B wasn’t on Blue Peter.


(i only just saw this resemblance when i DLed the bleep piXoRz!! — the dragon was always half-moomin half-sendakian wild thing but here is the unconscious provenance of the robot!)