Ellie ParkerThe Naomi Watts starring indie Ellie Parker is pretty hard going. Shakey-cam exploits of the lives and loves of a no-hope actress about Hollywood it spends an awful lot of time on whimsical self-indulgent scenes and not enough on comedy. Because this clearly is a comedy, about a narcissistic but surprisingly lovable loser just trying to get by. And when the film hits its comic highs, it rivals the current run of Extras at pricking the self-importance of an on the whole irrelevant career.

Watts is terrifically watchable though, which means that you don’t begrudge spending time with her. But the only bit of the film that really stands out is the crying race. After an argument between two characters about The Method, Watts suggests that they see who is the better actor: ones faking it, or ones who draw on their own personal tragedy (or lack of). And hence whilst driving she instigates a crying race, to see which could cry first. Cue wailing, gnashing and not a single tear in sight. It is worth it just for that scene, but like a lot of low key indies, that scene promises a lot more than the rest of the film delivers.

Though it is instructive to watch Watts change ALL OF HER CLOTHES whilst driving.