Science course “more suited to pub” – a debate that strikes pretty close to Proven By Science’s original aims, this. (Perhaps “pub science” will birth “punk science” just as pub rock etc.) I think the new 21st Century Science GCSE – or “Scientific Literacy” to give it its proper name – sounds like a great idea, or I would if I had much faith in the examination system and its ability to stimulate children anyway. The BBC points out that the new exam is designed to be taken in tandem with a more fundamental general science paper, and this seems a sensible pairing: I am all for curricula that encourage children to respond critically to the world around them, rather than vaguely hope that they have the nous to transfer the techniques they pick up studying classical topics.

Anyway saying “this course is more suited to the pub” is about as good advertising as you could want for 15-16 year olds. I wonder if there’s a Beer Science module.