One of the funniest moments I ever heard on the radio was on 606 after Scotland’s 1-1 draw against the tiny Faroe Islands several years back. There had been lots of disgust and anger, and one caller continued the tone, ranting about how the manager had to go, we needed a whole new crop of players, the spirit and attitude were all wrong, and so on, and ending with the great line “I mean, if we can’t even beat Scotland what use are we?”

I mention this because I am watching their European Championship qualifier (they always get each other these days – fourth qualifying group in a row), and it’s 5-0 to Scotland at half-time. Scotland are making the Faroes look like amateurs! They are playing with real style and skill, though I imagine that games against the two World Cup final nations, Italy and France, for instance, might be a little harder than this.