The Intrepid Fox: Blink and you'll miss itSAVE THE INTREPID FOX!

Under new owners, it looks like the Intrepid Fox is going to close on the 11th September*. There are all the usual petitions, but I fear they may be in vain. Unless the Goths and Metallers can unite, set aside their differences and overcome the forces of “even darker”ness this Soho institution will be no more.

I have a had a few good beers in there, though my abiding memory of ver Fox was on Tom’s stag night, where as one of his tasks, he had to add a new poster to the walls. Now the Intrepid Fox has a lot of posters up. Iron Maiden, vintage Guns’n’Roses. You can’t spit but to hit Marilyn Manson posters. Tom’s job was to past up a Busted poster without being lynched.

He did it without being noticed – which was probably the best way. Not that he was really in much danger, scratch a metaller or goth and you’ll find a Teddy Bear collecting sweetie who cuts his Nan’s grass on a weekend. So for their sake, just so they can role-play at being hard, sign the petition.

*That Myspace link however is almost justification for shutting the place down!