He's Martian, but he doesn't hunt menSo Manchester United are top of the Premiership eh? Its early doors I know, but it is impressive considering that currently several of their top players are also moonlighting as characters in the latest edition of DC Comics Martian Manhunter.

How to explain this story. Okay: The Martian Manhunter is the last of the Martians*. Somehow dragged to Earth he spends most of his time moping, eating Oreos and pretending to be other people**. He has an array of fantastic powers including being able to shapeshift, turn incorporeal, telepathy, strength, flight and heat vision nicked off of Superman or something like it (Martian Vision!). He is also very, very afraid/allergic to fire – hence heat vision being a rubbish power. He is notable for his lumpy green head, and the fact that he is the only founder member of the Justice League Of America who has never been able to hold down a comic series. Whilst he is often spoke of as “the heart of the Justice League” this indicates that he is a boring character, as hearts are pretty dull on their own.

Perhaps this explains why a writer might try and jazz up a storyline with names nicked from elsewhere. But as the plot summary above suggests, its a pretty poor story (it also gets one character name wring: the character indicated as Rodney, is infact Rooney). And it seems like a somewhat risky strategy too, because there is already case law regarding naming a villain after a real-life sporting personality. And that law suit from hockey player Tony Twist ended in comics writer Todd McFarlane losing $15 million dollars.

*Except he is not, and indeed the normal plot of any big story involving him is that there are some hithertoo undiscovered (evil) Martians attacking Earth.

**Other notable powers include FROWNING all the time, becoming invisible and wearing very little in the way of clothes because as a Martian no-one could be turned on by him.