Look Look! He Exists. Its Slowpoke Rodriguez!!!!In the pub a few weeks ago I mentioned that Speedy Gonzales had a brother; who, as is the way with cartoon families was diametrically opposed to Speedy’s main characteristic. Namely, he was slow. I could not remember his name, but mooted Slowpoke Rodriguez as something that rang a few bells. This was thrown back in my face with the usual derision I get when I say anything controversial.

Well, eat your words hataz: Slowpoke Rodriguez exists. He was in two Warner Brothers cartoons and the only fact I got wrong was that he was Speedy’s cousin. Which the way mice breed could well be any mouse ever.

Interesting note on Speedy Gonzales Wikipedia page which plays into the “Is Nacho Libre Racist” (lack of) argument the other day. Speedy was not shown by Cartoon Network for some time, but was reinstated after lobbying saying that, as he tricked the cats, Speedy was a positive role model!