bkquadstacker1.jpgHave we all seen the Burger King “Stack em” Quad story yet? Simply, this is a new burger in the U.S with FOUR burger patties, four slices of cheese and four strips of bacon which publicises itself on the basis of having no lettuce, tomato or onion pollutants within it’s overwhelming greasy interior.

Leaving aside whether this is a morally condemnable product (hooray) or the theory of expectation which the article covers nicely, a strange thing comes out from one of the BK spokesmen, when talking about the option of healthy food ‘choices’ (more on this later) – comment reproduced here: “It’s all about choice. You know, we have apple sauce as an option on our kids’ meals. In fact, it’s prominently featured. But I’d say less than one in 15 or 20 make that choice.”.

Number one! Apple sauce, as I understand it, is NOT HEALTHY! If it’s fairly unprocessed it might have a decent quantity of dietary fibre, but it’s fair to say it’s still got a whacking big sugar content!

Number two! Apple sauce with your kids meal. So – with a small BEEF burger, or with chicken nuggets?? What on EARTH? What sane child would make that choice who wasn’t ALREADY seriously damaged? The mind BOGGLES!

I can only think that in the U.S either “apple sauce” means something else entirely different, or that Kids Meals consist of roast pork or gammon+egg/pineapple, otherwise if THAT’S their choice of Healthy Options then no WONDER people are rejecting them left right and centre.

(Picture from The Impulsive Buy, who also review the impressive beast – Ed)