lego tarkusok so p^nk s the high lord sükråt cunctør* took plebian form at the JERUSALEM TAVERN** to dally with the puissant lords woebot and kpunk and duke pill of box, plus also another fellow called matt who HAF NO BLOG TITLE :0 but was instrumental in gettin us a table which is possibly definitely a greater boon to mankind at that

kerplunk was sadly under the weather — banjaxxed by a combo of the HORROR of Q mag’s GUILTY PLEASURES column (mark had apparently always respected Q until then) and a personalised viral weapon crafted by the CIA from Roswell tech to target the success of his website — and matt was subsquently called from us by unexpected parental duty but even so it was a VERY NICE EVENING

here is what was discussed/debated: the manipulation and psychopathology of the news; the need for more quasi-maoist culture tribunals***; big brother and the info-streaming instant edit techniques developed to make it possible; green gartside; annette peacock; mahavishnu and prog in general****; when was the nme good?; meeting yr heroes; being psychoanalysts; friendship and shyness; y2k and hypersitition; dads on the phone

E.P.THOMPSON: The Making of the English Working Class
E.P.THOMPSON: Against Theory
E.P.THOMPSON: Witness Against the Beast — William Blake and the Moral Law
CHRISTOPHER HILL: The World Turned Upside Down
CHRISTOPHER HILL: Puritanism and Revolution
CHRISTOPHER HILL: Liberty Against the Law — Some 17th century Controversies*****
KEITH THOMAS: Religion and the Decline of Magic
MERVYN PEAKE: Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor******

slaughterboard*ir rhizomatic = ph34r my roXoR
**what is a PUBTIMIST judgment of of the JT? it is georgian ultrapastiche but USED TO BE A KEBAB SHOP hurrah <---ps THIS IS THE ACTUAL QUESTION BEING ARSKED
***first tribunal topic=DAVID SYLVIAN obv
****i do not consider mahavishnu prog, they are JAZZ FUSION — haha and apawboy said “it’s like logarithms made into music” AS IF THIS WOULD BE SOME KIND OF A BAD THING: logarithms rock and so do def leppard
*****this have stuff abt PIRATES
******and THIS TOO

(this has been a SüKRåT/FT co-production)