salo… but the ALL-TIME WORST BBC SIT-COM EVAH (=my hero) has suddenly (ie since ardal o’hanlon left and james dreyfus took over) also become the ODDEST

ok i have not and cannot watch for more than a couple of lines at a time — it is STAGGERINGLY poorly written — but every time i have “by mistake” flicked over and caught a bit of it, the storyline is beyond john waters hurtling towards salô

i. in ep.1, the humorous prop = a plastic bag w.a pair of severed feet in it
ii. in ep.2, the plot was JD could not stay the same sex, and at one point had a giant bulge in trousis = FIVE PENISES
iii. in ep.3, JD was taking sensual pleasure tonguing a HAIRBALL he had JUST COUGHED UP

i am not suggesting you actually sit and watch it or anything obv: JUST SAYIN LIKE