COBRAPLANE II: The Return Of The Cobra Plane Concept

Things that did not happen in COBRAPLANE II, what we saw in the cinema on Tuesday, which really should have happened.

-The really big Anaconda should have tried to eat the plane.

-The should have made a rope ladder out of dead snakes.

-They should have crashed on a mysterious desert island and sicced the snakes on The Others. And/Or use the snakes to write HELP on the beach.

-Use a snake as a whip.

-A snake eating an egg (It is still the best thing ever)

-Be attacked by eels – and then discount it for not be a snake : AND THEN GET ELECTROCUTED BY IT.

-Have a cameo by Snake Plissken.

-More snakeskin clothing confusion shenanigans.

-Realise that as cold blooded creatures it is easy to subdue snakes by turning the temperature down.

-Whilst penis and breast get a good look in, no-one pulled a snake out of their anus and for that the film fails.

-Someone should have mistaken a snakeskin handbag for a snake, or vice versa.

-It lacked a mysterious Arab character who the punters may initially pitch as a terrorist who later saves the day due to not at all stereotypical knowledge of snake charming – and/or Indian Rope Trick.