In Barcelona, some time before the Brazil team caught the plane home, browsing in FNAC, the HMV of the continent.  Suddenly, this!

Little Ron There were loads of them, a pile of – oh, fifty – taking pride of place on the counter, and more dotted around.  How could I not?

It’s a high profile comic in Spain and Brazil – the artist, Mauricio de Sousa is a big name there.  So what do you learn of the life of young Ronaldinho?  It’s in Spanish, but I fancy I’ve gathered it’s gist:

  • The earth was once a CUBE, until Little Ron was born, when it spontaneously geo-morphed it into a football shape.
  • Ronaldinho has a FAMILY, who are sometimes beset by minor difficulties, best overcome with football.
  • Ronaldinho has DOGS.  They play an anarchic and unorthodox game of football.
  • On planet Ronaldinho, there is a GIRL (his sister?).  She does not enjoy football.

My favourite moment features the only grown-up appearance of Ronaldinho, in this stirring and worthy conclusion to a story on books:


Google tells me that the final couplet means this:

First journalist: It is pleasant to interview to crack with as much general culture.

Second journalist: Yes.

Available in the UK, and translated properly, as a strip in KiCK! magazine.

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