Now this is not a post about American Cheeses. No, the US may not have the cheese making history of the Old World but it can occasionally summon up some milky goodness. You want to know about American Cheeses I suggest a quick flick around, where you can use the Snackulator to work out your perfect cheese based snack*, or follow maps of US dairies. And you can’t argue with the web tagline: “Aah, the power of cheese”.

 But there site does have a list of cheeses, and one happens to be called AMERICAN CHEESE. Like American Pie (song and film) it is a pretty crude and rubbish thing. And here is how the Dairy Management Inc. describe the ole Kraft slices:

“Because of its mild and delicate flavor, its semi-soft and smooth texture – and the fact it’s usually found in convenient square slices – American is known as one of the all-time great sandwich cheeses. And who doesn’t long for a grilled cheese sandwich just like mom made?

But it also has a place in our hearts as a good snack for kids of all ages – try American wrapped around an apple slice, with grapes, or with some crackers or pretzels. Or take advantage of American’s gooey meltability, and add it to your favorite recipe.”


Clearly in the photo there are two completely different cheeses being shown. Plus a jar and bottle of – cheese? I Love Cheese as much as the next man, but readers, let us draw a line. (I like I Love Cheese’s no nonsense approach to Blue Cheese too.) 

*It is nearly always cheese on biscuits: who knew?