Now, I’m not a great one for petitions myself, they tend not to have any effect on whoever they are sent to, yes the outcome might be achieved, but this is much more likely to be because it’s what was going to happen anyway or politicking on a much higher level than some bits of paper that are almost certainly signed by M Mouse or D Duck (and certainly by Tony B Liar) somewhere.

On-line petitions only magnify this, shouting into the void about bringing back an old TV show, or reforming an old band, or not cancelling something else.

But this one really caught my eye. Not so much because it’s yet another football club being destroyed by evil money-grabbing bastards, not even because Crawley have a lovely ground (best toilets in the conference by a MILE), a town full of wacky architecture and nice pubs and always let us win so I have fond memories of my two visits so far. The main thing is the wide-ranging support they are getting from fans of other clubs (interestingly in clumps from particular clubs, I guess when the story has popped up on their messageboards) and that almost all of these fans have been through similar things. It’s more like a support group than people raging against the useless bosses, which is both saddening and heartening at the same time. Pretty much everyone else has come through this eventually and I sincerely hope Crawley joins this list.