So while Italian clubs get their punishment reduced for the heinous crime of match fixing, the BBC treat something which is clearly as suspicious with the lightest of comic touches. An entire village cricket team get out for ten ducks and a man stranded on 0 not out*. This almost unthinkable result is treated as a bit of a gag, without anyone going around the local bookies to see if a bet had been laid on the lowest score in a village cricket match. You could blame a dodgy wicket, and indeed they do, but even so one has to think it was the dodgiest, one sided wicket in cricket history. Luckily the opposition Dishforth also smelt a rat, so gifted them a few extras to leave them on 5 at the end.

An even bigger duck that the BBC's oneIn professional sport someone would have investigated this anomaly before sticking a picture of a giant duck on the article, appended with quack, quack oops – which any fool knows is sound which comes from snooker, not cricket sound. Anyway, the BBC didn’t try hard, I found a much bigger duck on the internet. And you can go visit it on Route 24 in the US if you fancy a big duck hunt – (paging Dr Quack).

 *Thinking of how they could all be out for a duck: all I can come up with is a double stumping. Am I right? Bizarre cricket scenarios pls in the comments.