… and I have eaten it! Hooray!

I discovered a week or so ago that my employer is good friends with a Sussex butcher, who has the honour of being twice voted Britain’s Champion Sausage-Maker. Obviously it took no deliberation whatsoever before I put an order in. A cursory glance at the menu reveals all sorts of delights, including Thai Chicken, Tomato and Basil and Apricot and Pork. Being a traditional sort, I immediately went for the traditionaly Sussex Village option. Because

a) It’s the one what won all the awards
b) They have GIN in them

They arrived a few days later – I cooked them for myself and my housemate in a no nonsense manner with mash. Within a bite, we both agreed the hype was deserved. They retain every bit of moisture throughout the cooking process, felt like they were made with actual proper meat, and somehow manage to taste of three or four things all at the same time. Including gin. Not bad for three quid a packet.

The cider, apple and pork ones now look very tempting. Tragically, it doesn’t appear that you can order them over the internet as yet. Time to start an online petition, I think…