Acoustic cover versions are often as annoying as 80s-pop/00s-rap mashups (yes I’m looking at you Frente), but I couldn’t but help to go O WOW OMG!!!eleven at an ad (for a telly and on telly) that had an acoustic cover of The Knife’s “Heartbeats”. See the ad on the ad makers website (click through Work > Sony Bravia). The cover is by Jose Gonzales and there’s one guy on soulseek with the song, but he’s never around, worst luck. No idea about this chap, but top marks for both covering a terrific song and, well, making a pretty good go of it.

Here’s hoping Rex teh Dog (whoever the sodding ARSE he turns out to be) does a remix soon.


OK, so first off, i meant Frente were guilty of questionable acoustic cover syndrome. obv. Second, to make up for NYLPM being so apparently behind the times, here is a MASH UP of the original Knife version and this acoustic version that’s doing the rounds on better informed mp3 blogs.

Third and finally Mr Gonzales is an Swede, hence compatriot of Teh Knife, who has many an acoustic cover under his belt it would seem.