The theme this month was cover versions, so if you got a copy of this, here’s what you heard, and if you didn’t, well, you can go and make your own. Apologies for the serious lack of ‘flow’ on this disc!

1. JOAN JETT – “Little Drummer Boy”: Suggested by Mark S (who else), Joan interprets the seasonal classic.
2. THE FLYING LIZARDS – “Great Balls Of Fire”: Not quite as good as their previously-Poptimized “Sex Machine”, this is still very enjoyable in a kind of Black-Box-Recorder-But-Good way.
3. THE VENTURES – “Hawaii 5-0”: Surf bongo rewax of the TV theme.
4. LOUCHIE LOU AND MICHIE ONE – “Shout”: Suggested by the magnificent DJ Katstevens, brilliant pop-reggae indiarubber version, surely the best “Shout” ever!
5. BONEY M – “King Of The Road”: The roads are much nicer in Germany.
6. BETH DITTO out of THE GOSSIP – “Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay”: taped at a karaoke night a few years ago.
7. ULTIMATE ft SUNGIRL – “Whiter Shade Of Pale”: boshin! The only version of this I have ever enjoyed.
8. LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS – “Jealous Guy”: This guy, Uwe Schmidt, also does Senor Coconut, and this is his micro-emo alter ego. Blatantly exploitative but rather good.
9. CO.RO – “Life On Mars (Smoke And Mirrors Remix)”: Poptimism ANTHEM since its first airing in August.
10. SOME BLUEGRASS DUDES – “Mamma Mia”: As has become traditional I have forgotten the name of the band Pete put on the CD. Hoedown reading of ABBA gem.
11. ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMIES – “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”: Third best version of Rice/Webber’s second best song. The “Have I said too much?” bit is particularly good.
12. SINEAD O’CONNOR – “Chiquitita”: Scarily intense version gets to the secret emo heart of ABBA’s song.
13. THE ASSOCIATES – “Love Hangover”: Six minutes that completely justify the existence of this song, the Associates, pop music, homo sapiens, etc. Even if he sounds like he’s taking a dump at the start.
14. T.A.T.U. – “How Soon Is Now?”: One of those cover versions that is so perfect in concept you fear for the execution, except they get it right.
15. LAMBCHOP – “This Corrosion”: Shout out to all the Goths! Chosen by Pete.
16. JAMELIA – “Numb”: Why this exists, I know not, but short of Britney doing “Faint” this is the best Linkin Park cover you’re likely to encounter.

A big thankyou also to DJ Robster, who got my solicitation email too late to contribute to the CD, but would have included the Pet Shop Boys’ superb “Where The Streets Have No Name / Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” mash-up.