In the fast moving world of children’s toys and games, the humble board game is often seen to be a dying breed. How can the fun provided by slipping, sliding and breaking your nose on a plastic mat in Twister dare to compete with the joys of the arcade.

Like this: Hello Twister Moves.

Its the Dance Dance Revolution of board games, taking the classic Twister Formula (being told where to put your hands and feet, vinyl mats, falling over and breaking your nose) to the sounds of some “wicked” pop DJ’s. You listen to the CD, the DJ plays tunes and tells you where to put your hands on your individual mats, and so on, via 144 great pop tunes (including the exclusive Nick Cannon track “I Could Do That”). Any semblance of twisting ones anatomy around other is gone, as is the surprise of what to do considering the CD’s don’t change. One would imagine therefore that said CD’s would date horrendously. Which is probably apt because any teenage girl who learnt how to dance from Twister Moves would probably be a horrendous date.