Tim Finney, from an ILM thread about reggaeton.

I often think about a post Josh Kortbein wrote on his blog about how he couldn’t remember the moment when he got used to house beat, but somehow it had quietly gone from seeming oppressive, rhythmically authoritarian, to seeming quite natural, almost inaudible in its familiarity (and this is only about a year or two after we’d had a bit of back-and-forth where he’d complained of exactly that) – in some senses the dance music fan doesn’t actually hear the house beat at all, just what a particular track does with it – in the same way that when you’re reading you don’t necessarily stop and take notice of the fact that you’re looking at the letters “a”, “b”, “c” etc., but you will notice if they’re written in an interesting font.

I like this idea a lot! I wonder if it’s true though.