Whilst away I had the privilege, nay pleasure, of watching some Fox News. Its output was probably at about two in the morning, however what was interesting was a five minute package of Palestinian Rap. There was much pooh-poohing that this “uniquely American” musical form could translate to an oppressed group who, let’s not beat about the bush, are Fox News viewers’ enemies. But the piece did show how artists can express their frustrations through their work. Then undermined the whole story by saying that these are actually the only rappers in Palestine, and no-one actually likes them.

The piece then really undermined itself by never telling us the name of the group. So I’ll tell you (cos I know them): it was Dam. I am not saying that anyone watching that piece might be stirred to do any further research, or interested in them, but if they are they can look at the ArabRap website.