If you have a copy of Poptimism CD3 (with the girl drinking cola from the bottle on the cover) then here is what you might end up listening to:

1. COWBOY TROY – “I Played Chicken With The Train” – hoedown hip-hop from the hugely enthusiastic CBT and his Big And Rich pals.
2. FANNYPACK – “You Gotta Know” – shy blippy electro with sass on top, this album is twenty-one quid on import! Give Fannypack a chance, UK biz!
3. RHIANNA – “Pon De Replay” – desperate attempt to pretend I’ve been listening to dancehall. OK seriously, this is good, shake it till the moon becomes the sun.
4. THE FLYING LIZARDS – “Get Up” – see post below.
5. VITAMIN C – “Vacation” – gloriously inventive bit of bubblegum from the Pokemon movie soundtrack (it sez here)
6. TEDDYBEARS STHLM – “Yours To Keep” – acquired-taste twee vocals and an indie-disco groove from Swedish Poptimism favourites, off their 2000 album.
7. R@CH3L ST3V3N5 – “So Good” – it’s a bit of a grower. I didn’t even play it in the end though. Go and buy the album in September!
8. BODIES WITHOUT ORGANS – “Sixteen Tons Of Hardware” – fifteen supersonic tanks through the gates of paradise! Europop favourite of DJ Alang, good luck finding their record outside Scandoland though.
9. LOTO – “Back To Discos” – starts with a kind of rubbish verse but then turns into a harsh spike of Europop self-hatred with a top chorus. I don’t know anything about Loto and will try to find out more.
10. SAINT ETIENNE – “Let’s Build A Zoo” – not sadly a version of Swell Maps “Let’s Build A Car” with a crowd of apes shouting “ZOO” instead of “CAR”, this is from the sampler for their children’s album. I have more to say about it and will later.
11. LUV – “Shoes Off (Boots On)” – I feel I have talked about this record a lot. It is marvellous and never fairs to improve my mood.
12. EARL BRUTUS – “Navyhead” – something for the Dads.

We will have a handful of these CDs as well as our next giveaway at Poptimism#4 (date TBC), so ask for one if you want one then.