MP3 and text submitted by Martin Skidmore

Joe Tex and Mable John – “The Same Things It Took To Get Me”

I like duets in general, but this is my favourite ever. You expect good strong singing from the stand-up preacher of soul and from the sister of the great Little Willie John (of ‘Fever’ fame). But this is breathtaking. They play an old married couple who’ve let themselves go and stopped trying, each far more interested in blaming the other for their problems than doing anything to change things themselves. It’s basically a parade of insults, set to a rollicking old R&B tune, sung by two terrific talents, Joe in particular letting an unusual amount of bite into his tone. His entrance is magnificent and irresistible, and I defy anyone not to be laughing by the fade.

(This Charly Greatest Hits has “Same Things…” and 43 others.)