I realised last night that one of the things I enjoy about Eurovision is that it seems like a museum of pop: leaving aside the more ersatz ethnic elements liberally spooned over some of the entrants, this is mostly an extraordinary collage of past and present pop styles, often in the course of the same entry. The only country not to make it through the semi-final that NYLPM readers might have enjoyed was Estonia — whose Vanilla Ninja DID get through, as Switzerland’s representative, although with a fairly weak slice of eyeliner-metal. Suntribe’s ‘Let’s Get Loud’ could best be described as spice-girls-aloud, and their stage show was basically 5-deck DJ action, with each member of the group posing with a single turntable and some brightly coloured 12″s as props, before emerging in the final stages for the usual choreographed showdown. Other entries to look out for on Saturday night, on the strength of their showing yesterday: Norway’s Wig-Wam (tasty soup of every hardrock staple ever: spandex catsuit — check; enormous headband — check; scarves on mic stand — check; pilot’s / officer’s peaked hat — check; fat drummer — check; erm… leather cowboy? — check); Romania, whose steel-drum and beer-keg bashing antics came on like one of the more arty Pet Shop Boys stage shows, before out came the angle-grinders for full on Faust / Neubaten racket; Moldova’s horrid Leveller’s-style ska-punk-folk crusty-convoy-hop; Hungary’s gypsy caravan / glam racket collision; and Israel, whose singer’s cleavage has totally erased any recollection of what the song was like.