This week’s Stylus singles jukebox, with a mixed bag of comments from me. In not-commented-on news I gave high marks to Gwen S and Arcade Fire and a pretty good mark to Teedra Moses. In comments-not-printed because Stylus cannot take THE TRUTH, British Sea Power and the Magic Numbers both got a 2 from me. The BSP entry was, like the song, just the usual shit, and here’s what I said about the Magic Numbers, in best throwaway NME-in-’94 style.

There is a tiny, tiny part of me which still reacts with puppydog glee to the idea of bands writing “perfect pop tunes” and really hopes that the new bands hyped for same are going to be wonderful. In more ways than one, this is equivalent to habitually replying to dick enlargement spam. When I saw a Magic Numbers song on the download list I was honestly quite excited. As it happens though my personal first rule for writing perfect pop songs goes “Sound as little as possible like The Thrills” so you can imagine how fucked off I am right now. [2]